Flooding on the Anclote River – by Theresa

We received word from back home that there has been a significant deluge of rainfall in Florida this past week resulting in parts of the Anclote River exceeding her banks, flooding neighboring homes and businesses. Since our home port, Port Tarpon Marina, is on the Anclote River, we are sending positive vibes from Grenada to all of our marina friends back home, not the least of whom are the fine crew at the marina waterside dining restaurant Davidson’s Dockside. Thankfully, we are told that there has been no flooding there and that they are open for business. It is a must stop place to go for anyone visiting the sponge docks or Tarpon Springs!

Davidson's Dockside at Port Tarpon Marina, Tarpon Springs, FL

Davidson’s Dockside at Port Tarpon Marina, Tarpon Springs, FL

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