Carenage waterfront, St. Geoarges, Grenada


We have been exploring Grenada for a little over two months now and still there remains much more to be seen both on land and at sea. Fortunately, Port Louis Marina, in St.  Georges, is centrally located giving us easy land or dinghy-dock water access to the waterfront shops and restaurants in both St. Georges and Carenage.


Port Louis Marina (PLM) is a resort destination unto itself and we have been enjoying all of the amenities, including the spa,  pool, grounds, restaurants, waterfront park and beach (click on any photo for slide show).


The pristine Grand Anse Beach is only a short distance from the marina by land or sea. The boys have been enjoying snorkeling with their friends just off the beach, as well as “sea-bobbing” (we had to look that up before agreeing to allow them to go do it), and getting pulled on a tube behind the dinghy.


Popular among cruisers, locals, and students from the on-island American University School of Medical and Veterinary Science, are the weekly organized hiking trips, known as hashes, which are scheduled at various locations around the island. Each week, bus loads of enthusiastic cruisers, locals and students arrive eager to get some exercise, explore local terrain, and partake in the after hike revelry.

We have been hiking in the mountains and rain forests where we have seen banana tree plantations, monkeys, tropical flower groves, and amazing vistas (click on any photo for slide show).

With equally compelling scenery, other hikes have taken us through the countryside and along the coast line(s) of Grenada.

Patrick teaching R&R how to wax the boat

Patrick teaching R&R how to wax the boat


With all of the above said, it is not all fun and games in Grenada. At the end of the day, the boat requires daily maintenance and upkeep, not the least of which is keeping her clean and waxed. Fortunately for us, a very friendly and competent local gentlemen named “Patrick” has been assisting us in with these ongoing laborious efforts. He has taken the boys on in apprenticeship teaching them how to keep the boat “ship-shape!” Additionally, we have utilized our time in Grenada to take advantage of the well developed yacht support infrastructure to complete some upgrades to the Pilots’ Discretion to make her more long term cruiser friendly.


Rainbow over Port Louis Marina

Rainbow over Port Louis Marina







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