After significant research into various homeschooling programs, we have decided to enroll the boys in the accredited “Calvert Education Home school” curriculum ( We chose the Calvert curriculum both for its academic rigor and the flexibility it affords to accommodate issues that are particular to homeschooling while afloat (i.e., intermittent internet access and varying schedules).

Some of the other programs that we researched were not as well suited as they were either “all virtual” and/or mandated daily internet check in on the homeschooling provider(s)’ website(s). Although we will have constant satellite phone, text and email access, other curriculums we researched would not allow these methods for daily check in. While Calvert’s private homeschooling program requires the curriculum to be completed in the regular course of a school year, it does not mandate or require daily internet check-in.

The Calvert curriculum affords additional flexibility by offering a combination of traditional textbooks and online lessons. Hence, when we are in a spot with no internet access the boys can continue their studies. Also, in addition to a wealth of educational resources online, Calvert offers Educational Counselors to answer questions, offer support and encouragement and provide suggestions to those enrolled in their courses. We also opted for the “Advisory Teaching Services” whereby Calvert provides unit objectives and tests that the boys will complete after a designated number of lessons. Tests and school work are then forwarded, either by mail, scan and email or fax, to a licensed teacher who evaluates and grades the work, maintains a transcript and issues a certificate of completion when the school year is successfully completed.

Lesson manuals, student materials and supplies arrived a few weeks ago, well in advance of the start of the school year. The lesson manual instructions and student materials are clear and easy to follow. Certain curriculum materials can be downloaded in e-book, word or pdf to lessen the items that must be carried on board.

We are all very excited to begin our homeschooling afloat and will post future updates as the school year progresses!

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