Monthly Archives: December 2013

Preparations for the trip – by Randy

This blog will follow our family as we make preparations for our grand adventure. We will share with you every aspect of our efforts to make sure that we are ready. This will include everything from preparing the kids for home schooling, making sure we have our ducks lined up to manage our professional lives from  aboard our boat to the proper outfitting and provisioning of the Pilots’ Discretion, our Sea Ray 480 Motor Yacht. It is December 2013 as this is being written and our tentative launch date is September 2014 so we believe we have allowed ourselves an appropriate amount of time to get ready for what we hope will be a very positive, shared adventure of a lifetime.

Once we are underway, we will share with you our experiences both good and bad. We hope this blog will inform and inspire those of you out there who may be thinking of taking on some similar adventure. There will be lots to cover, weather, routing, provisioning etc, etc. Life aboard a fifty foot boat with two small boys and a Cocker Spaniel is not likely to be routine but we are hoping it will be a learning and bonding experience for us all. Stay tuned.