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Flooding on the Anclote River – by Theresa

We received word from back home that there has been a significant deluge of rainfall in Florida this past week resulting in parts of the Anclote River exceeding her banks, flooding neighboring homes and businesses. Since our home port, Port Tarpon Marina, is on the Anclote River, we are sending positive vibes from Grenada to all of our marina friends back home, not the least of whom are the fine crew at the marina waterside dining restaurant Davidson’s Dockside. Thankfully, we are told that there has been no flooding there and that they are open for business. It is a must stop place to go for anyone visiting the sponge docks or Tarpon Springs!

Davidson's Dockside at Port Tarpon Marina, Tarpon Springs, FL

Davidson’s Dockside at Port Tarpon Marina, Tarpon Springs, FL

Kick 'Em Jenny

Eastern Caribbean on Heightened Alert as Underwater Volcano Activity off Grenada Increases – by Randy

Kick 'em Jenny Alert

Kick ’em Jenny Alert

Thursday, July 23, 2015, the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Center (UWI-SRC) raised the alert level to “Orange” (the second highest) due to increased seismic activity of “Kick ’em Jenny”. As described in our previous post, Kick ’em Jenny is an active underwater volcano, located 8 km north of Grenada. Since tsunamis triggered by underwater eruptions are a potential hazard for neighbouring islands if Kick ’em Jenny erupts, we monitor and receive Eastern Caribbean volcanic activity updates at:

As it turns out, we were on an island tour, enjoying lunch at Petit Anse Resort on the north shore of Grenada, looking north towards Kick ’em Jenny when the raised alert was first broadcast!

Petite Anse Resort Petite Anse Resort looking north towards Kick 'em Jenny

Petite Anse Resort looking north towards Kick ’em Jenny

Fortunately, UWI-SRC advises that at this time no tsunami warning has been issued for Grenada. However, the alert level at the Kick ‘em Jenny volcano, has been moved from yellow to orange which means that the exclusion zone around the submarine crater has been widened from 1.5 km to 5km. On the day we arrived in Grenada, our approach route brought us 1.5 km to the west of  Kick ’em Jenny, a route that if followed today would place us firmly in the exclusion zone. One of the hazards of particular concern for mariners when dealing with underwater volcanos is the reduced water density that results from the volcanos release of hot gasses into the surrounding waters. In some cases, this can result in a loss of buoyancy sufficient to sink  any vessel traversing the affected area.

CNN: Underwater volcano rumbles off Grenada

Frequently Asked Questions About Kick ’em-Jenny:

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