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PD crew cuts

It is official, we are aboard!

The end game or the first day is in sight, depending on your point of view. We finished up moving out of our home yesterday. Today, we will go over and clean up the house and make final preparations so that our new tenant can move in this weekend. Yesterday was Theresa’s birthday and we celebrated it in grand style at the marina restaurant (Davidson’s Dockside). We all are finishing up our vaccinations regimen, Patton included. The Captain issued his first standing order that all male crew members aboard Pilots’ Discretion shall have appropriate high and tight haircuts before putting to sea. Our very capable deck hand, Ryan pointed out to the Captain that it was the Captain that was in need of a proper grooming. That leads us to here; in the video below you will see that all hands pitch in when there is a task that needs accomplished. Ryan served as the ship’s barber and now the Captain is groomed to the ship’s standards. Next week we will haul the Pilots’ Discretion to have a fresh coat of bottom paint applied. After that, our Caribbean adventure will begin with the first favorable weather window. We can’t wait and we hope you will come along with us via this blog. Standby, the adventure begins now!



After significant research into various homeschooling programs, we have decided to enroll the boys in the accredited “Calvert Education Home school” curriculum ( We chose the Calvert curriculum both for its academic rigor and the flexibility it affords to accommodate issues that are particular to homeschooling while afloat (i.e., intermittent internet access and varying schedules). We have added a dedicated “Homeschooling” page under the submenu “About Us” “The Boys” “Homeschooling” above ( The dedicated homeschooling page contains more detailed information on why we made the decision to choose the Calvert curriculum.  We are all very excited to begin our homeschooling afloat and will post future updates as the school year progresses!