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Patton, Loblolly Beach, Anegada, BVI

Happy 15th Birthday Patton! – by Randy

imageYesterday was a pretty important day aboard the Pilots’ Discretion. Patton, our intrepid, world traveling Cocker Spaniel turned fifteen (15) years old. Way back when we initially left the comfort zone of our home marina in Tarpon Springs, Florida (2 and 1/2 years ago) we had some concerns with how well our then 12 year old buddy would adapt to a life at sea. Our concerns were completely unfounded. Patton is the first one up every morning and the last one to turn in each night after surveying the boat to assure himself that the entire crew is accounted for.Patton Kindle

Patton crew

Patton crew

He loves excursions in the dinghy and he has his favorite spot picked out under the Captain’s helm chair for long passages.

Patton driving the dinghy in the BVIs

Patton driving the dinghy in the BVIs

Randy & Patton in front of Tthe Indians, B.V.I.

Randy & Patton in front of the Indians, B.V.I.

The story would not be complete without acknowledging there have been some concessions made due to the decision to cruise with Patton. We do not patronize places along the way that are not dog friendly. We have on rare occasions had more difficulty clearing immigration as a result of declaring Patton as part of our crew but all in all, he has been a very positive addition to our crew and we would not consider having it any other way.

Cable Car, Loma Isabel de Torres, Dominican Reupblic

Cable Car, Loma Isabel de Torres, Dominican Republic


For those of you following our blog who are not dog people, I am sure you just scratch your head when you see me acting like a very proud papa when talking about Patton. To the dog people following us, I know that I need to say no more.

Happy birthday Patton, the crew of the Pilots’ Discretion loves you❤️

Patton enjoying the sunset from The Bight, Norman Island, B.V.I.

Patton enjoying the sunset from The Bight, Norman Island, B.V.I.


MOVIE TRAILER – by Ronan(10) and Ryan (11)

Ronan (10) and Ryan (11) made a “movie trailer” for our Caribbean cruising adventures. We added it to our “VIDEOS” page at: https://pilotsdiscretion.com/videos/. We are also sharing it here, below. I think we found our new videographers! They had a lot of fun making it. We hope you enjoy watching it! Click on the below image to play.

We have also created a dedicated YouTube channel  where we have compiled the videos from our blog, and uploaded additional videos from our journey.  To view the videos click on the link below (or copy and paste into browser):


PD crew cuts

It is official, we are aboard!

The end game or the first day is in sight, depending on your point of view. We finished up moving out of our home yesterday. Today, we will go over and clean up the house and make final preparations so that our new tenant can move in this weekend. Yesterday was Theresa’s birthday and we celebrated it in grand style at the marina restaurant (Davidson’s Dockside). We all are finishing up our vaccinations regimen, Patton included. The Captain issued his first standing order that all male crew members aboard Pilots’ Discretion shall have appropriate high and tight haircuts before putting to sea. Our very capable deck hand, Ryan pointed out to the Captain that it was the Captain that was in need of a proper grooming. That leads us to here; in the video below you will see that all hands pitch in when there is a task that needs accomplished. Ryan served as the ship’s barber and now the Captain is groomed to the ship’s standards. Next week we will haul the Pilots’ Discretion to have a fresh coat of bottom paint applied. After that, our Caribbean adventure will begin with the first favorable weather window. We can’t wait and we hope you will come along with us via this blog. Standby, the adventure begins now!