Monthly Archives: July 2014


This past weekend my brother and I had a life raft drill in our pool.  We did it to help us prepare in case we ever had a real emergency on board our boat. We both have done it before, but more practice is better. During the life raft drill, my brother Ryan pulled the cord to inflate the life raft. After the life raft inflated I jumped in and then Ryan jumped in the pool and climbed in. In the raft there were emergency supplies like food, water, fishing hooks and flares.  Flares help attract nearby planes or boats in an emergency. I think the life raft drill helped prepare me and my brother for our boat trip because it is important to be  prepared in case of an emergency. (Click on you tube video link below!)

July brings final preparations before our departure

We have completed our  boat electronics update project and most of our route planning is now complete. Last week we completed testing and enrollment of the boys in the Calvert home schooling program. This week we will be taking our Cocker Spaniel, Patton in for an update of all of his required vaccinations as well as getting a required titre test to confirm that he is free of rabies. Patton will also be getting an international health certificate.

Most of the boys curriculum will be fulfilled via electronic media and as you can see from the picture below, everybody on the Pilots’ Discretion is getting into reading with either their Kindle or IPad. Our land based home is now for rent and it is really beginning to feel like we are actually going to go! We will shortly be posting the details regarding our decision to enroll the boys in Calvert as well as letting them share their perspective as we make ready to get underway.Patton Kindle