Swimming piglets at Big Majors, Bahamas


Continuing with our video logs, after leaving Staniel Cay astern, we next stopped at Big Majors Spot, home to the infamous swimming pigs. (Click on photo below for video.) The three little piglets swimming ashore, 0.55 seconds in to the video, were absolutely priceless!

The pigs swim out to greet the arriving dinghies, aiming to have their efforts rewarded with snacks. Although most of the swimming/beach pigs were docile and friendly, there was one rather large and aggressive pig. The posted warning advised beachgoers to beware of the pig (pictured above and below) appropriately named “Big Mama Karma.”  She was given that moniker because, like karma, she had been known to come back and bite individuals in the backside!

Big Mama Karma, Big Majors, Bahamas

Big Mama Karma, Big Majors, Bahamas

After Big Majors Spot, we next set a course north to Exuma Land and Sea Park…

1 thought on “WHEN PIGS SWIM! BIG MAJORS SPOT, BAHAMAS (MAY 2018) – by Theresa

  1. I Patti Gragg

    Don’t know if you got my reply. I was interrupted midstream with a phone call. I am very much enjoying your mini videos. Great way to record the end of your trip. Your swimming pigs video is hilarious. The piglets are adorable. Can’t wait to show Chelsea! She has been doing internet research ever since you first visited this island.

    Thank you for putting so much work into this, and thank you for sharing!



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