Ryan docking the dinghy

Developing the Boys’ Mariner Skills – by Theresa

It has been truly amazing watching the boys develop and hone their mariner skills, and what better place than the BVIs to sharpen their mooring abilities. In the British Virgin Islands, many, if not most bays have mooring balls as the preferred method of securing your boat. Capturing a mooring ball and securing a 50′ boat to it require close coordination between the helmsman and the deck crew. Since we have been in the BVIs for over  a month now the boys have become quite proficient at line handling and getting us on and off the moorings.

They are equally adept tying up in the marinas. Both boys have become fastidious about keeping their lines neat on the docks!

They are developing great situational awareness driving the dinghy and glide into the dock with ease.

It is all hands on deck at all times and we are fortunate to have such willing and capable crew.

We have thoroughly enjoyed cruising the British Virgin Islands, and are grateful for the maritime lesson opportunities they have provided for the boys.  Alas, weather, time and immigration restrictions have us pressing on. At the next appropriate weather window we will be continuing our Caribbean journey and heading on to St. Martin where we will post additional updates.

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