A child’s perspective

In addition to looking forward to the trip, Ryan is a San Francisco Giant fan Extraordinaire!

In addition to looking forward to the trip, Ryan is a San Francisco Giant fan Extraordinaire! Here he is sharing a taco with San Francisco Giants great, Willie Mays in the Giants clubhouse at Spring Training.

(RYAN): About a week ago [25 Feb 2014] I found out my family is going on a boat trip. My parents told me we were NOT going to go to the Bahamas. I was not very surprised. Not until they told me we were going further! They said we are going to the Dominican Republic. I was shocked even before they told me all the details. We are going to visit over 20 different countries! My brother Ronan and I are going to have to learn 3 languages in six months! Those 3 languages are Spanish, French and Dutch. We are going on a boat trip through the Caribbean chain. We will be visiting countries such as the Bahamas, the BVI and Dominican Republic.

Our boat’s name is the Pilots Discretion. It is a fifty-foot Sea Ray. It has three staterooms [Bed rooms], two heads [Bath rooms], a galley [Kitchen], a bridge, bow [front of boat] and stern [back of boat].

When I first found out about the trip I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was at a loss for words. The idea of being home schooled was so cool. I just couldn’t believe it! I had a lot of questions, like … When am I going to get my laptop? … How will I keep in touch with friends? … How long is the trip going to be?

When I learned that I was going to be home schooled, I was excited because then I wouldn’t have to sit in a class room all day and I would be able to go ahead and finish my work and if I went fast then I could play baseball or do something else.

I told some of my friends about the trip. I told them I was going on a really long boat trip that could take up to nine months, and I was getting home schooled. When I learned that we are going to be visiting many different countries, with at least four (4) different languages, I thought when do we start!

I am really looking forward to the trip because I will be home schooled and go to different countries and meet new people.

6 thoughts on “A child’s perspective

  1. Tina Shriver Schneider Vanoverloop

    I’m very excited for both you and Ronan. This will be an opportunity both culturally and intellectually, allowing you to experience many new and interesting things. We will miss you and your family at Davidson’s Dockside when your departure comes. Bearing that in mind, know that we can’t wait to hear of all your adventures through this blog and hope that there are many great memories made on your trip. Remember to always keep your eye on the horizon so you don’t miss out on all the wonderous things coming your way!


  2. Jaxon Coleman

    Our family is excited to follow your adventure, my Mom had mentioned maybe this would be a good time to E-Pen-Pal with someone I didn’t get to talk to every day while you all are traveling. If your interested just email my Mom’s email and we will work around your school and porting schedule. We cannot wait to see how your trip goes.

    Your Friend,



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