It is hard to believe that our family odyssey aboard Pilots’ Discretion is almost at the four year point. During our time aboard we have put in excess of six thousand miles under our keel, that is a lot of traveling by boat. We have seen and experienced so many diverse and unique places and cultures that it is now the norm for us to begin our day wondering what new adventure awaits. Florida is now nearly on the horizon and in just a few more days, we will be reinserting ourselves into our land based world, but for now we still have some traveling to do.

Our last port of call, Atlantis Marina, Nassau was not typical of the places we have visited along the way. Atlantis, to me, represents a combination of Las Vegas and a water based Disney World on steroids. Ryan and Ronan wasted no time finding the various water slides, while Theresa and I really enjoyed the front row seats we had at the marina as the various megayachts came and went. Click photo below for video:

It was a lot of fun to see, and certainly worth the visit, but it could not be more different than our next stop, the Berry Islands. The Berry Islands are a group of small cays that generally run northwest of New Providence (the island that Nassau calls home) for about 60 miles. The Berrys are largely undeveloped, or owned by private individuals and cruise ship companines, so they are about as far away from the bright lights and hustle and bustle of Atlantis as you can get.

One of the things that immediately struck me as we approached the Berry Islands was that the water is absolutely crystal clear. The Bahamas, in general, are known for their beautiful clear water, but the Berrys take clear water to the next level. It was, at times, hard to believe that our depth sounders were reading 50-60 feet while we were looking over the side at various marine life such as star fish, sharks and rays gliding beneath the Pilots’ Discretion. Click photo below for video:

The Berry Islands feel like a natural spot to wrap up our family exploring. We all got to see things that were not part of our norm. Sort of the signature for what has been an amazing four years of growth for our boys, and Theresa and I as well.

We left the Berrys on a direct course to West End, Grand Bahama Island. Ironic, in that our first stop outside the United States four years ago was, the still charming, Old Bahama Bay Marina, on West End, Grand Bahama Island. Click photo below for video:

After our stop on Grand Bahama Island it was time for the Pilots’ Discretion to cross the Gulf Stream westbound. Additional updates to follow.


  1. Jim Bumford

    We flew together at USAIR and I have been following your travels for sometime. I live in Punta Gorda, FL and maybe will see you come up the intercoastal by Boca Grande past Pelican Bay on Cayo Costa on your way home. It was great to hear about the BVI as my wife and I have spent may days there.
    If you get a chance, leave me an email or call at 941-286-9833, I would love to talk to you about your great adventure.
    Jim Bumford
    USAIR RET 2007


    1. Randy Post author

      Thanks for checking in and saying hello Jim, I remember the trips we flew together well. As I recall, a good time was had by all. I will be in touch my friend. 👨‍✈️


    1. Randy Post author

      We are not sad that it has ended, rather we are grateful that we were fortunate enough to have been able to make the trip. Truly memories for a lifetime.


  2. Nancy Winters

    Back to land? Are you sure you will able to learn to walk on land properly again? I for one will certainly miss traveling with guys. I have been forwarding everything to Mom and Wes. They love seeing everything. Mom always comments “how your Dad would have loved seeing this”. I know he thought of you as his other son!


    1. Randy Post author

      Thanks for the kind words Nancy, you, your brother and mom have always been part of our extended family. We of course would have loved to have shared this trip with your dad.


      1. Nancy Winters

        Just because you will be landlubbers again, please be sure to keep in touch. Did I mention that Mom had her 97th birthday on August first. Except for her knees she is still doing great! Playing bridge at least 4 days a week, working out at the Y. She says she loves her life and has many friends.


  3. Sylvia Steeves

    Amazing that it has been four years!! What an adventure! I’ve really enjoyed sailing along with you!! I feel much more knowledgeable about that area now!!
    What is your next adventure?!😊
    Happy sailing on the last leg of your journey home?


      1. Sylvia Steeves

        I’m afraid I can’t imagine how you could top this last adventure! I’m sure you all will think of something!!!
        Are you going to move back into your house? That might feel a bit odd after the size of your latest living quarters for four years!
        I wish you all the best! Stay in touch!!


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