Ryan, Ronan, Theresa, Randy & Patton @ Diamond Falls, St. Lucia, Botanical Gardens

St. Lucia: Exploring the Island (by Ryan)

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Since we arrived in St. Lucia a couple of weeks ago, we have all been having fun exploring the island (after school, of course). From Marigot Bay, we visited two fishing villages, Anse La Ray, and Canaries. We learned that most of their fishing skiffs are made with wood from the local rain forest and that the majority of the fish they catch is sold to local restaurants and resorts. We had great views of the Ocean and the Pitons on our drive along the coast.

Grass (Palm Frond) Grasshopper

Grass (Palm Frond) Grasshopper

We also visited Diamond Falls and the Botanical Gardens. Our guide there was nick-named “Alexander the Great.” He told us about all of the plants and trees in the gardens. Most of the plants we saw only grow in tropical climates so we don’t see them growing in the United States. Alex the Great also made me a grass hopper. Literally a “grass hopper” made from local palm fronds.

Alex also took us to this awesome waterfall that was approximately twenty-five (25) meters tall. The water from the waterfall is different colors every day depending on which minerals are flowing through the water. After the waterfall he showed us a river with water from an underground spring heated by the volcano. It was very hot and super cool!

Another cool place we visited was a drive in volcano and sulphur springs in Soufriere. The sulphur smelled like rotten eggs. Our guide at the volcano told us there has not been a major eruption in forty thousand (40,000) years. He also told us that once another guide was showing tourists how below the ground there was hot boiling water. He jumped down below so they could hear the ground crack. He cracked the ground open and fell into a hole of hot water. He was OK, but after that they put up railings.

This past week we left Marigot Bay and cruised north to Rodney Bay. We pulled into the channel right behind former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s Mega Yacht “Venus.” It is 78.2 meters (235′) long and is an unusual looking boat. It looks like, if you looked at it from up above, an iphone resting on top of an ipad, in an ipad box.

We are currently at he IGY marina in Rodney Bay. It is a great spot and has everything a boater would want or need. This includes a marine chandlery, floating docks, 50 and 60 Hz power, restaurants, a pool, and two malls and a bulk provisioning store nearby. There is also a great big field where a lot of kids come to play soccer. Yesterday we played in a soccer match at a nearby school.

St. Lucia has been a lot of fun and I hope we can come back someday!


5 thoughts on “St. Lucia: Exploring the Island (by Ryan)

  1. Tom Hebert

    Wow Ryan – another great report and beautiful pictures too! You boys must have a really good English teacher because all of your reports are well written and very informative. Keep them coming!


  2. joan sorge

    I really enjoyed reading about your journey by Ryan. Perhaps you have a journalist in the making. It made me wish that I was there to see and feel the beauty of St. Lucia.
    Especially since it is cold here and we are waiting for big storm here I N.J.
    Can’t wait for the next episode Ryan.


  3. Sylvia Steeves

    Fabulous!! Your pictures and descriptions are amazing! I almost feel that I’ve been there–to all the places you all have written about! Thank you so much for sharing!!


  4. Tina Shriver

    Hello Everyone, It’s Miss Tina from Davidson’s! I heard about your surprise visit and wish that I had been at work while you were there, so we could do some catching up :). Time sure has flown by and the experiences have shown their influence on both Ryan and Ronan (Patton too). Ryan this piece is a beautiful expression of both language and photography. You have truely transported the reader to your location with a personal touch as if the reader was standing right next to you. Ronan, your post about the Giants was a very heartfelt piece that showed all the passion you have not only for your team but your writing as well. I could feel the excitement just as you boys did. Randy and Theresa, thank you for sharing your adventures, pictures and posts with not only me but the world. You have taken your family on a life long learning cruise that even if one day it comes to an end, the memories and joy of it will remain forever. I’m sure one day I will see you dockside again 🙂



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