A Giant Among Giants, Christmas Arrives Early in Grenada! – by Ronan

My brother and I are both huge San Francisco Giants fans. Earlier this summer, our boat neighbor in Grenada, Mrs. Izzy, on Motor Vessel Izzy R, saw us wearing our San Francisco Giants hats and shirts. She told us that her brother’s wife was related to Buster Posey, the Giants MVP catcher. 

Later in the summer, Mrs. Izzy mentioned that her brother and his wife were coming to visit. Ryan and I did some detective work and asked her how many brothers she had. When she said, “only one,” then we knew Buster Posey’s relative was coming to visit!

When Mrs. Izzy’s brother and his wife arrived, we put on our San Francisco Giants hats and Buster Posey shirts. We wore a path in the dock walking past the boat and around the marina looking for them. After a couple of days, we finally met Mrs. Cathy (Buster Posey’s relative) and her husband, Dick. When they saw our Buster Posey shirts Mrs. Cathy took our picture along Posey shirts in Grenadawith her husband. She said they were going to have Thanksgiving dinner with Buster and would show him the picture. We had a homeschool assignment that day to write a friendly letter, so we wrote letters to Buster Posey telling him we are big fans. We asked Mrs. Cathy if she would deliver our letters to Buster Posey and she said, “Yes!” We were very excited!

Shortly after Thanksgiving, we received an email from Mrs. Cathy asking for our address. She said Buster Posey wanted to send us some things! About a week later, we received a package. We were surprised to find two signed balls and our letters with notes from Buster Posey on them.

Autographed balls

Autographed balls

He also signed the pictures that Mrs. Cathy had taken of us and Dick.

Another really cool thing in the package was a picture of him holding our pictures! In my opinion, Buster is very kind to have spent his time sending us these special items. I will always be a huge fan of Buster Posey and the Giants. As a Giants fan, this is the coolest early Christmas present ever!

6 thoughts on “A Giant Among Giants, Christmas Arrives Early in Grenada! – by Ronan

  1. Frank & Anette

    Merry Christmas, adventurous cruisers!!!
    Congratulations, Ronan! Your post was again a pleasure to read and learn of your special Giants gift from Buster!!!
    We recently shared your amazing travels with friends at Smyrna Yacht Club and look forward to reading more posts.



  2. Cheryl

    Great post Ronan. It’s a small world. Who would have thought you would make a connection to your favorite Giants player in Grenada. We’re glad you and Ryan got such a great and memorable Christmas gift.
    Ed and Cheryl on SV Slowdown


  3. Bob and Dee Coan

    Obviously Buster is not only a good baseball player but a nice guy who really appreciates his fans. Thanks for sharing your story!



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