Cruisers Coming Together for a Good Cause – by Ryan

Recently the cruising community came together to raise money for a local orphanage, Queen Elizabeth Home for Children (QEHFC). All the adults were raising money so the kids could have school supplies and shoes because it’s back to school for the kids on Grenada. I said adults, but Ronan and I also donated money and toys to the orphanage. We also made brownies for the kids, and picked up Chelsea Buns at the Merry Baker for someone else going to the fundraiser. It was about a ten minute drive through St. Georges from Port Louis Marina until we reached the orphanage. Other boat kids were in the bus with us also going to the orphanage. When we got to the orphanage we put the brownies under the pavilion where a couple of boaters were setting up to play music for the lunch. Next, we all had lunch and played with the kids. We got to check out the inside of the building where the kids slept and also where they did their homework. We played games like soccer and tag with the kids. They had good music and some of the kids sang. After everyone ate lunch they gave each of the kids their own note book that was bought with the money that was donated. Eventually we had to stop having fun and head back to the marina. The day after the lunch some of the cruisers went with the kids from the orphanage to go buy new shoes. To protect the privacy of the minor children at the home no photographs were permitted to be taken of the event.

S/V Savvy

S/V Savvy

Today the cruisers once again came together and organized a day of fun for the kids from QEHFC. The owner of Port Louis Marina was kind enough to let the kids go out on his sail boat for a sail. Since there were so many kids and not enough lifejackets, the cruisers, including Ronan and I, lent children’s life jackets for the sail. I hope they have a great sail and that we impacted their lives in a positive way.


5 thoughts on “Cruisers Coming Together for a Good Cause – by Ryan

  1. patti gragg

    Hi Ryan!
    I just read your post. I am impressed that you, Ronan, and the boating community took part in raising money for the local orphanage. What a great combination to share resources and have fun with the kids as well. It is very important that the children can have school supplies and shoes.
    Thank you for sharing this. It is well written and so positive! Keep up the good work.
    Aunt Patti


  2. Tom and Barb Hebert

    Another excellent report! You reported a very good experience Ryan. We are proud of your gererous spirit and acts of kindness. Thanks for sending it to all of us.


  3. Paulette Lee

    Well done, Ryan!!! Well written!!! And, thanks for getting the word out that you and other Cruisers also take time to “give back” while visiting the lovely Caribbean Islands!!!



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