On our way to Georgetown but first, Black Point Settlement and Farmers Cay Yacht Club – by Randy

We are currently in a spot with wifi and have added pictures and video to our last post. We are traveling south out of Staniel Cay on our way to Georgetown for Christmas. Before we get to Georgetown, we have made a couple of stops along our route to sample the small Bahamian settlement experience. We spent a few days anchored in a beautiful bay off of Black Point Settlement, the second largest settlement in the Exumas after Georgetown. Black Point Settlement is a Bahamian fishing village where locals earn their living bringing in lobster and conch. When we arrived, the Bahamian schools had already gone on Christmas break but that did not stop the boys from playing a few pickup basketball games at the local school with a bunch of Bahamian kids. It was great to see how readily the boys made friends with their counterparts from a different culture and country.

Pick up basket ball game

Pick up basket ball game

After a pleasant few days in Black Point, we continued south to Farmers Cay. There is a small marina at Farmers Cay known as the Farmers Cay Yacht Club. The name could be a little misleading if you are familiar with the typical American yacht club. This club is very small with only room for a couple of large boats or perhaps 4 smaller vessels. As with a lot of things, first impressions are not always indicative of the experience that awaits. The Farmers Cay Yacht Club is the pride and joy of a wonderful Bahamian man by the name of Roosevelt Nixon. Mr. Nixon, who maintains a great sense of humor about his name (as he said to me, “it would be a pleasure to allow a man of your stature to dine with two dead presidents at one time”). Mr. Nixon and his wife do all of the cooking, cleaning, bartending and management. They gladly share their day and their culture with their guests making this a truly local Bahamian experience.

Randy & Mr. Roosevelt Nixon at Famers Cay Yacht Club

Randy & Mr. Roosevelt Nixon at Famers Cay Yacht Club

The location is something lifted off of a Bahamian marketing post card. Deep blue and green waters with multiple small coves and beautiful white sand beaches are the norm. The island of Farmers Cay is one with an interesting history. It was originally settled by a couple of freed slaves and the ownership of the land is restricted to direct descendants of the original settlers. The entire island has a population of 55.

Tomorrow, we will continue south to be in Georgetown, Exumas for the Christmas holiday. Although we will miss the opportunity to share the holidays at home with our families, we nonetheless are all in the Bahamian Christmas spirit. To all of our friends and family, Merry Christmas. We will post again from Georgetown.


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