One day to go

As this is being written we are finishing up our last minute to do list. Tomorrow is go day and we are ready both in a preparation sense and emotionally. All of the planning, prep and provisioning is done. This past week has been filled with farewells, family and friends and a mad scramble to deal with the inevitable “boat stuff”. I want to thank the guys from Pitman Yacht Services, Doug Bruce as well as James Cleveland from Cleveland Diesel for hanging in there and helping us make sure the last minute maintenance items all got taken care of.

On a personal note, the boys got to see their grandparents this weekend and we also had the pleasure of a visit from my friend and mentor, retired airline Captain John Davis ( US Airways 757 Captain).

Capt. Davis and Randy

Capt. Davis and Randy

All in all, the support from family and friends as we have gotten ready has been nothing short of amazing. I am sure some of them must think we are crazy to undertake such an ambitious trip but they have been there to help out in any way they can.



We especially would like to thank our boat neighbors at the Port Tarpon Marina, Bob and DeeDee Coan, who graciously hosted a “Bon voyage ” party for us at their home. You guys have been great and we will miss visiting with you while we are gone. There are no goodbyes associated with our voyage; only until we see you again.

Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!


Today, we ran the boat one final time to verify proper systems functioning. I was very pleased as everything worked well and we observed a top speed of 29.5 knots which indicates the hull and running gear are clean and the engines are making rated power. I have attached a screen shot of our track as depicted on our Delorme satellite tracking website so you can see what to expect as we travel on our voyage.


Our next post will be after we are underway. To say that we are all excited and looking forward to the start of our voyage is an understatement.

10 thoughts on “One day to go

  1. Joan

    I am very excited for you. It will be like watching a movie, only I will know the cast and crew. What a wonderful adventure. God speed. Love, Aunt Joan


  2. Nancy Winters

    Bon Voyage Randy and Theresa,

    I will be following your trip and here is hoping it is everything you want it to be!

    With much love,



  3. patti gragg

    Have a wonderful trip! Captain John Davis looks like a great guy! Would like to meet him sometime when you return. Love, Your Sister


  4. Scott Theuer

    Randy & Theresa, Ryan & Ronan,

    Bon voyage to you all. May you find nothing but smooth water, puffy clouds against blue skies, and great adventures. See you Trellis Bay, Marchish, about two bells.

    And Patton: woof, woof, woof. Grrr.



  5. Scott Theuer

    PS – Ryan and Ronan, your classes will be easy ’cause recess has taken on a whole new meaning! And Patton, “poop deck” is not to be taken literally.



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