Making progress with our preparations – by Randy

Yesterday (Jan 8, 2014) we had the Pilot’s Discretion hauled so that we could install the thru hull fitting for our new watermaker. In addition to the thru hull fitting, we utilized the haulout as an opportunity to replace one of our Ocean LED underwater lights. Our blue underwater lights were originally installed in 2008. The lights are theoretically good for a service life of 40,000 hours so you can imagine how surprised we were when one of our lights quit after about 200 hours of use. I have to say that although the suspect light was well outside of warranty (over 5 years old) the folks at Ocean were outstanding. They acknowledged that we had not gotten the service life out of the light that we should have and provided us a replacement light at their cost. Their commit

Pilot's Discretion being hauled

Pilot’s Discretion being hauled

ment to their product line and customer satisfaction is commendable. As a result of Oceans prompt and appropriate response to our lights premature failure, we are happy to recommend them to anyone who might be interested in underwater LED lighting for their boat.
We will have the Pilots Discretion hauled again next summer for a fresh coat of bottom paint prior to our departure and we will undoubtably utilize the guys at Pittman Yacht Services in Tarpon Springs to once again haul her as we have always found Dave Matway and the guys to be very capable and reliable.

Following our time in the yard yesterday and after returning to our home marina (Port Tarpon Marina) Wolfe Heinly from Cool Breeze air conditioning spent the day  today getting started on the installation of our Spectra watermaker. We anticipate the watermaker installation will be complete by the end of the week. At that point, we will begin finalizing our electronics updates. We will provide you guys the details as we accomplish the work.

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