Our newest crew member, “Marlow!”


As we indicated in our previous post, our arrival back to our shore based life has been bittersweet with lots of adjustments. Our family’s unique opportunity to cruise the Caribbean for the past four years has been challenging, magical and enlightening for all of us. One of the sad realities of our final leg home was that we made it with one fewer crew member than our first leg outbound. Our intrepid boat dog, “Patton,” lived out the final three years of his fifteen year life aboard the Pilot’s Discretion in the Caribbean. His passing left a hole in our crew that we knew we would one day want to fill. Happily, we have had the opportunity to adopt the Pilot’s Discretion next generation boat dog, and his name is Marlow!

Marlow trying on his new life vest Marlow trying on his new life vest

Ryan, Marlow & Ronan aboard Pilot's Discretion

Ryan, Marlow & Ronan aboard Pilot’s Discretion

We knew we wanted another Cocker Spaniel, however, we wanted to make sure he was unique and different enough from our previous dogs so that he would occupy a space in our family distinct to him. That is where Becky Holmes, the owner of Silver Moon Cockers, came in (www.silvermooncockers.com). Becky breeds a rare silver Cocker that looks very different than Patton, who was chocolate.

Brigadier General Chuck Yeager

Brigadier General Chuck Yeager

Marlow is the third pure bred Cocker Spaniel in the Mowrey family tree. Each of the previous two Cockers were named after famous American military heroes. Marlow’s oldest sister was named “Yeager” after Brigadier General Chuck Yeager (the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound).

General George S. Patton

General George S. Patton

Patton was, of course, named after WWII legend, General George S. Patton.

When we got the opportunity to adopt Marlow, we decided that we would name him utilizing a slightly different convention. We wanted to recognize an American success story, choosing someone closer to our personal story. If you have followed our blog, you already know that our dreamboat is a Marlow Explorer. Who better than David Marlow, the founder of Marlow Yachts, to name our new boat dog after.

David Marlow

David Marlow

David Marlow is the youngest of twelve (12) children, who started with modest means and has gone on to build one of the world’s preeminent motor yachts, while at the same time providing hundreds of highly skilled tradesmen a place to practice their craft. Our Marlow has some truly large shoes to fill (or chew on🐶). He is approaching his tasking with a puppy’s enthusiasm and a gentle, loving spirit.

And so it is, we have finally gotten a Marlow of our own, and he is adorable!

Marlow Marlow
MarlowMarlow Marlow

Marlow @ 5 weeks Marlow @ 5 weeks


Marlow Marlow

17 thoughts on “OUR SHIP HAS COME IN AND IT’S A MARLOW!- by Randy

  1. Barb Hebert

    Marlow is SO CUTE! What a nice addition to your family. I know the boys will enjoy their winter break spending time with Marlow.


  2. Nancy Winters

    Marlow is so adorable! I just want to pick him up and snuggle. I was fortunate to have met the famous Patton when you flew out to visit Dad way back when Randy. He must have been just a puppy at that time. Great pics of the new pup!


  3. Anette Decker

    Congratulations to all of you!!! What a wonderful new crew member! We are certain you will share many enjoyable years with Marlow, so cute.
    Merry Christmas, and we wish you much love and happiness now and in the new year:)
    With love,
    Frank & Anette


  4. patti gragg

    I’m so happy you have taken little Marlow into the fold. He looks like the perfect boat dog, already
    adjusting to his lifejacket and his dinghy ride. Little does he know what adventures lie ahead.
    Merry Christmas to you and your special family!



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